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Thanks for the reply, it helps for sure.

I think I may have to schedule a day to record some "crap" and see what comes out. I work shift work which makes it hard to get a routine down for hobbies but I may have to look at taking an afternoon or an entire day while on each set days off, start small and see if I can catch the recording bug again. I have no worries about my significant other's permission. She is always trying to get me to go into the studio. I guess it's just me fighting myself.

Thats really good advice from Olivia, I heard similar advice when it came to writing lyrics for songs. Someone said to write down everything that comes to mind no matter how dumb or how much nonsense it is, that way it makes room and clears your mind for better more focussed lyrics to make a great song.
I guess I just never applied that to recording. Where I don't get much time to go in the studio I want to do the impossible and record a good mastered perfect track the first try and everything to go smoothly. Instead I get a crap track and see it as a waste of an afternoon instead of a learning experience that could lead to better tracks.