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Originally Posted by EnochLight View Post
This is not true. Reason does utilize Hyperthreading (virtual cores) for everything except rendering audio. This includes GUI drawing, high quality stretch+resample and disk I/O.

I'm not sure where people are getting this from (that HT isn't taken advantage of). Perhaps it's the old mention in the manual that Pentium 4 single-core processors should have Hyperthreading turned off in Reason, but who uses a Pentium 4 anymore??? (ducks)
Oh geez. That is what I meant to say! I learned the bit about rendering songs from one of the postings from a props engineer on this forum. Not sure how my message came across to others, but my take from the props engineer is that Reason uses virtual cores for most things except rendering your final song (.wav or .aiff.). That said, I'm happy with the i5 3570k performance in all aspects, as I can never get the processor usage past 50% or so, even with the heaviest amount of devices. I5 or i7 are both great processors!

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