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I think we can safely say that the overheads are nothing like as high as hardware development and are further reduced with digital distribution.

If their overheads were £100 000 a month. They could be employing a lot of coders and we'd be getting much more than 5 items per update.

And i'm not after a pat on the back and it's more likely I get abuse thrown at me for voicing my opinions but with a bit of luck, others will argue the same points in my absence, so that when I do return, things will have changed for the better, then I might end up singing Reason's praises alongside you.....and that's been a long time coming.

I got my first license just before R4 came out, in the vain hope it might include audio. I kicked up a stink at the time and low and behold, Record was the next tool.

So my advice when someone raises some difficult but worthy issues, is to give them a listen, let the information sink in and if you can see more in it than a rant, you should back that person up and make the case stronger. It's only because people have given convincing arguments for or against an idea, has it seen it to the upgrades, so here's to R8 being a whopper.

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