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Originally Posted by Molec View Post
I think we can safely say that the overheads are nothing like as high as hardware development and are further reduced with digital distribution.
Actually we can't safely say that at all. A good software developer can cost easily $100k/year. WAY more than that here in Silicon Valley. Even a Junior developer is going to be at least $60k. The salary difference between a hardware and software engineer, is negligible in my experience.

If their overheads were £100 000 a month. They could be employing a lot of coders and we'd be getting much more than 5 items per update.
What do you base that assertion on?

And i'm not after a pat on the back and it's more likely I get abuse thrown at me for voicing my opinions but with a bit of luck, others will argue the same points in my absence, so that when I do return, things will have changed for the better, then I might end up singing Reason's praises alongside you.....and that's been a long time coming.
Speaking only for myself, I'm not actually singing Reason's praises. I'm just choosing not to get my panties in a twist over the shortcomings - of which there are plenty just like every other piece of software I've ever used.

I got my first license just before R4 came out, in the vain hope it might include audio. I kicked up a stink at the time and low and behold, Record was the next tool.
OK so you took a calculated risk, and it didn't pay off (well, not immediately anyway). Buying into anything - be it software, a magazine subscription, or a car - in the hopes that it will soon have something you want in it that you know it does not currently, is a high risk proposition. Certainly plenty of people wanted to be able to work with Audio inside of Reason. And the Props may have felt for a long time that this was not within their original vision for the software, but then they had to make a choice on bending their vision to what the users want, or staying true to it and quite possibly having a tool that few would be willing to pay for. Clearly, they chose the former which was smart. Just as they have *finally* given us MIDI Out.

I'll be the first person to agree with the assessment that their original vision was far too limiting and that if they had played their cards right (which I don't think they've done very often) they'd quite possibly be THE dominant platform in the industry (having once worked for Digidesign I know full well how backwards and behind the times they were for a good many years, and Props could've easily blown past them but didn't). I just don't happen to see posts like this as constructive criticism, I see them as bitching. Which as I mentioned before, never makes me as a developer feel like doing what the "bitchers" say they want.

So my advice when someone raises some difficult but worthy issues, is to give them a listen, let the information sink in and if you can see more in it than a rant, you should back that person up and make the case stronger. It's only because people have given convincing arguments for or against an idea, has it seen it to the upgrades, so here's to R8 being a whopper.
Again, it's the tone of the original post. It comes off as a bitchy rant or a Rage Quit, rather than constructive feedback to help the product be better. You may not see it that way, but clearly plenty of others in this thread did. And I read it as I would if I were the developer of the software and it definitely didn't make me feel all warm & fuzzy about giving you what you ask for.

Just my opinion, it's worth approximately the value of the paper it's not printed on.
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