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Yes I agree they would work alot better if designed for RE, but for example; why would some one buy a waves effect ect... that only works in reason, When the majority of people have pro tools and other daws also. That would mean you would have to buy duplicates of the plugin. But on the other hand if it was a virtual instrument you could just use rewire.

But on that note do you really think every previous vst is going to convert to RE, unlikely. Thats why PH should support vst's aleast in a host program like chainer.

It would be more beneficial only if all the vst's making RE versions would still have the original formats that work with other daws's & the RE format when purchashed. If not we will be spending a whole lot on duplicate plugins.

I have been using reason since version 3 and I will definently purchase 7 regardless, I just want to be able to sequence my entire songs in reason rather than having to use other daws for vst support.

And Reason will have RE's exclusively, so I'm sure people who use other daw's will use reason in rewire just so they can use RE's, so I still don't see a down side to adding vst's

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