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How to pitch shift to specific amounts?

I've got a project where I'd like to pitch shift AND time compress some audio files by 134%. This is of course dead simple in a program like Audacity, but I was wondering if I could do this all within Reason. Unfortunately the Transpose function goes up only 1 octave (100%) so unless I want to transpose, bounce, then transpose again... I can't use that. Time stretching by dragging the clip on the timeline won't work because I can't get it exactly to what I want in terms of the % of change. Tried Neptune to get me the additional 34% on top of a transpose, but it sounded pretty awful. I don't want to load it into a sampler in order to pitch bend...

I don't have Polar but it looks like it might be able to handle the pitch part in real time, and I can get the speed just by changing the tempo.

Any other suggestions?
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