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Originally Posted by vivadangermouse View Post
Reason being a Rewire master isn't enough. If a Rewire upgrade is needed then it needs to be two-way so as to simultaneously send and receive multiple channels of audio, both for FX sends and also other software sound sources.
Exactly!! Mostly I use Pro Tools as main mix DAW. So for me, I'd want to be able to send audio via Rewire TO Reason to use some Reason rack effect or other (ie Alligator or Pulverizer) and then send that processed audio back to PT to incorporate into the whole mix.

Some have suggested there might be a latency issue, but since everything is internal in the computer's processors, it would seem like the latency, if there is any, would be minimal. It's not like you're sending signal over a cable to some external source. You're really only sending bits and bites until you get to the final output.