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Midi Assignable Value boxes

I wrote another post to solicit user opinions about this but I thought I'd make a formal request here too:

Having a midi controller should improve workflow but many common functions require numeric input or use of the mouse to click and then use its scroll wheel. The user must go back and forth between controller and mouse and keyboard because no method to assign midi values to these functions currently exists.

Since pretty much every box which requires a numerical value (Transpose, Level, Tempo, etc.) requires mouse and keyboard input, a quick way to give Reason users options would be to make the boxes assignable to a midi value and have the program translate the midi input as a +/- to the numerical value or as UP/DOWN cursor value from the keyboard.

In NNXT, moving a note's root value and its position on the keyboard map would also be useful if they were hardware configurable.

Thanks for your consideration.