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Refill selection tool for multi-Rack Extension Refills

DHWood posted this in the User Forum, and it gave me an idea for a possible solution:

Originally Posted by DHWood View Post
So, Refills. Good thing for a very long time. The state of the art hasn't changed significantly, but there are far worse things to have in your specifications than stability.

And Rack Extensions. Also a very good thing. Integrates well into Reason, scratches an itch that a lot of developers have been eager to scratch, and provides lots of new tools for sound design.

But there's a dark side to this: Because not everybody has every rack extension, it doesn't make much sense to produce refills for more than one rack extension at a time. Which is a pity, because combining them can make for some wonderful effects. For instance, I have a combi that contains nothing more than a Re-Tron and a Pulsar which makes for some wacky modulation options. Also, the Re-Tron plus Rotor? Totally cremulous, but who can I share them with? Who has the Re-Tron, Pulsar, and Rotor?
I'd love to see Props create a "Refill Selection" tool to accomodate something like this.

users would go to the tool, and using a few drop-down menus, select all of the Rack Extensions they own, hit Submit, and it would list the Refills that you can use with your setup.

and to take it a step further, they could have a secondary list of Refills that you'd be almost ready to use, but would just need one more RE for. so, for example, you've only got the Saturation Knob and Polysix, and the main results would show you all the Refills you could run with what you already have. the secondary list would show the Refills that require the Sat Knob, Polysix, and one additional RE that you don't already own (obviously it would show you which RE you're missing as well). you could click the link to the secondary Refill you want, and it would automatically combine the price of the Refill and the new RE you want (or allow you to select that you only want to demo the RE, if you haven't already). then you just pay for it and you're ready to go.