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Smile Almost Perfect.

Good day. I just recently purchased Reason 6.5 in anticipation for 7. I have been using Reason since reason 3. Purchased 4 in California. Downloaded 5 because my original copy of 4 was in storage in another state. Finally broke down and bought Reason for the 2nd time...smh Now I said all of that to illustrate how long I have been using the program. I loooooooooove Reason. I think it's up there with the best of them (Cubase, Logic, ProTools, etc...all without the implementation of use of 3rd party plug-ins. I loooooooove the way 6.5 sounds. Don't know if it's the 64 bit...32bit float...but OMG! Anyway, here are some nit picky things you could add to make Reason use more convenient.

Note: I heard in Reason 7, you will be adding group/bus channels. 10 thumbs up for that!! But I hope you can "Solo Defeat" them as well

1.Add "Record Enable" to the devices on the rack.
2.Bring back "Command"+1or2...and now 3. (2key strokes...I know...I'm too used to it now )
3.Shift should work the same way in the sequencer window as it does in the rack.
4.In the "DYN section" of the mixer channel strip, PLEASE, reset the compressor release sooner than 100ml/sec.
5.Make a device with a multi(4-6-8band)band EQ.
6.Make a device with a multiband compressor
7.Add dB meters to the channels
8.Add min/sec to the sequencer grid(super nit picky request..I know)
(And how could I almost forget this one? Last but certainly not least.)
9.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Add faders to the mixer/audio(device) channels on the rack...if you add nothing else.

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