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ReTouch Duo 3.0

I was on the fence for a while with ReTouch Duo because as I understood it, it was not bidirectional communication. So if you move a fader on the ipad it would move in Reason, but not vice versa. That was a deal breaker for me.

But version 3.0 apparently has fixed this issue.

So I just downloaded it.
I am at work so I don't have my REason laptop with me, but I did put the template on my iPad Mini, and scrolling through the layout, there is some really useful controls in there, specifically on the last page labeled "Sqnz".

I just closed in my garage to make a music room, and I'm not quite finished with it yet, still needs paint and carpet. But as soon as it's done, I will have my Roland V-Drums setup, and my Axiom-61, and guitar amps, etc. And it will be so nice to not be tied to my desk. If I'm playing drums, I can take the iPad over there with me, and setup the track, and control everything from right there. Likewise at every other instrument. My Axiom has transport controls, so it's not a huge issue for that, but none of my other instruments have that.

I was kicking around the idea of getting a Panorama P6, but honestly I don't think I need one anymore, if this works as well as it should.

Anyway, just throwing it out there.

I'll report back after I have tried it out.

Even when playing my Axiom, sure I can assign my Axiom's faders to the SSL's faders, but my Axiom doesn't show the text for the track names. ReTouch will.