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I just wanted to ask for a freeze track function myself, of course I looked for an existing thread first (and stumbled across this one).

I have a relatively old CPU now and with the introduction of Rack Extensions, a few very good, but CPU hungry algorithms made their way into the Reason universe. Let's take the TSAR-1 as an example. It sounds really, really good, but it *eats* my processor. If I had a one-click freeze function, I could easily make real use of it for all tracks I like.

Today I made a little experiment with a Uhbik G and a TSAR-1. Placed behind an already complex synth, this combo leaves no more room for anything else. It would be so much better, if I just could freeze it and wouldn't have to worry anymore about performance.

Here's how far I came, if you're interested:

Of course, I could bounce it to a new track. But the process to do so is a little clunky, compared to clicking one simple button. And then, making adjustments or changes... it's just not a good workflow for cases like this without a proper freeze function. Technically, you should have everything required already built into the software.