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Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
I thought that using the quantize function already did that (quantized the start point, but left the note duration the same - just shifting it)? I do usually have quantize turned on for recording though, so I may be wrong on that.

I do like the idea of being able to quantize the end of the note though. I wouldn't use it often, although I recall a few times when it was handy back when I used that feature in Digital Performer.
Yes, you're quite right. I should have written "add quantize note length box" by adding the option to quantize duration, you can get the typical step sequencer style, without pattern structure limits. I used Roland JX3P and SH101 together when they came out, and got a mechanical groove, that old old step sequencer are famous for. I believe Vince Clark kept his Roland MC4B for many years in productions, for it's tight clock control over sequencer steps.