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Remember the days when you could launch Reason and within 10 seconds you were making music?
No more with Reason 6.5!

Here's my today's experience:

1. I see there's an update for Volt CB-1, I click FREE UPDATE!
2. Authorizer starts and takes approx. 6 minutes to download and transfer the update/license/whole internet/whatever to my Balance.
3. After that time it tells me that there's no connection to the server.
4. I launch Reason, it tells me that there are licenses that need to be downloaded. It starts Authorizer again.
5. This time I decide to stop the time. I stare at a "Downloading licenses..." text for about 6.50 minutes!!
6. Finally it succeeded. It starts Reason! After about 13.2 Minutes I can start using Reason!

And this is not unusual! This ALWAYS happens when there are updates! Seriously WTF Props?!