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oh, cool, you know, i have soooooo much to learn about mastering, been making usic for 16 years, but when i switched to just using software and a computer for that matter (im 43 years old )), i had alot to learn and deal with, and i still do....still learning everyday, as i wasnt grown up with even CPU's hardly until college, and then it was DOS, like a big typewriter that had floppy disc in all I have so much yet to grasp, but that actually keeps me going (as i love learning things new)....I noticed the highs were not as high, but it sounded really flat on my thinking, they are a lot of the problem....beside the fact i dont use the spectrum eq analyzer, or any other program that checks that stuff. I do know, i want to get the Ozone Izotope mastering suite when i can afford it, and hope that will help not only my learning of mastering, but i know it must be able to help my sound....i dont think my ears are bad (just yet)....hahahhaha...thanks brother and im checking that out now
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