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Question Am I at the mercy of my machine

So I think I've reached my Mac's limit with Reason. I'm at a point where my Mac slows down so much during playback in reason that I keep getting the dreaded "Your computer is too slow to play the song".

I have taken the advice from Propellerhead's page (can't find the link now) about the 10 ways to increase performance on Reason, which did work for a while, which until now it's giving me that message again.
I have every browser shut down and only have adium (aim) running. Also tried multiple system reboots and all the advice from that page mentioned above and freed up my disk storage to 20 gigs with no visible performance increase. I feel that I am at the mercy of the performance of my machine (not software settings) because everything starts to get SUPER choppy and even the audio starts giving out until giving me that message 1 second later.

Reason 6.5

Here are my mac's specs:
Mid 2010 Macbook Pro
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Upgraded to 8 GB RAM. (max for this model)
Also dual screening to a second monitor (not sure if that decreases performance)

The reason I'm asking is because I don't want to just assume it's because of the low RAM (compared to a maxed out iMac 32GB) and actually BUY an iMac with a RAM upgrade just to find that I'm having the same issues and just wasted a whole bunch of $$$.

So I'm wondering, is my mac n cheese just not powerful enough to handle? Not enough RAM, need stronger processor?

ANY help / advice is appreciated! I'm pretty much at a stand still in my mix, because I can't audibly listen to the mix and makes changes without having to export and listen (takes forever).

Thanks for looking!