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Give me a Reason to buy Reason: Hardware Integration

Hardware Integration:
The Reason 7 intro video caught my attention with its "External Hardware" rack.

I am currently an Ableton Live Suite 9 and Pro Tools user. I also have lots of outboard,

Roland MC-505, JX-305, D2, JV-1080 ..
Yamaha CS6x, RM1x, DX200 ..
Korg EA-1 (x2), Microkorg, M1 Rack ..
and misc Midi Equipment/outboard with midi inputs
All of them are hooked up at the same time

Ableton Live is not external MIDI friendly and I am a user of Soundquest Midi Librarian.

So I will Strongly Consider purchasing Reason 7 if it can do the following
1) !!! External Hardware MIDIMAP to SYSEX CONTROLS !!! (Ableton Live does not recognize MC-505 mute switches, Pro Tools does but it cant be mapped to anything useful)
2) External Hardware MIDI PATCHNAMES
3) EASY External Hardware BULK DUMP
4) External Midi Sequencer Commands (such as Roland RPS)
5) External MIDI FILTERING (filter Tx/Rx Note Numbers/Velocity Range(s)/Modulation Changes/Sysex/Timing Clock Etc)
6) !!! External MIDI CC Smoothing with [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]accurate start and end modulation smoothing points[/COLOR]!!!
7) External MIDI interface Labeling (Rename Port A to CS6x instead of port a)
8) External MIDI "PATCH GRABBER", for example send dump patch on channel 1 on JV-1080 and display results
9) External MIDI PATCH Librarian Interfaced with Sequencer
11) External MIDI SYSEX EFFECTS CONTROL (Ableton Live CAN'T change MC-505 Effects settings!! Pro-Tools can, but it requires manually inserting SYSEX MIDI, and then I have to manually "timestretch" the Midi Sys ex signals manually because it corrupts if transmitted at faster than 100ms intervals on some device (sometimes crashing the device, but thats my fault), but R7
should make it easier I hope)
12) External MIDI SYSEX INTERFACE to convert SYSEX to a YOLK note message that I can REMAPPAPLE to Ableton Live. (MIDI-OX is a pain in the butt)
13) Realtime MIDI signal CAPTURE (Like in MIDI OX) that allows me to cherry pick out the SYSEX Messages (Pro tools can do this/but the filtering needs improvement/ableton live has 0 support for this)
14) External MIDI sysex - RENAME FUNCTION (See windows mc505edit)
15) External MIDI CC Command Rename to match the CC map on dedicated device
16) External MIDI CC/MODULATION snapback feature

If R7 can do this, I will buy it in a heartbeat