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I love google translate.

Sorry, your flash doesn't appear. But here's the silly google translation of your lyrics:

Each year our summer cool man sad, just days filled with love

Tomorrow distant tomorrow the two of the two places, close minutes gone

Weightlifting is all dear, Spanish've sobbed sad heart

know who remember the old pulsar, where this old road silhouetted two kids

the way a date is over, now as the water passes

goodbye to you Oh please, come this far then, my memories remember forever

sad alone one, looking forward each night called units, each of u all the time does anyone have or

If anyone was each flower picked sad, sympathy is so far away loved

Color phoenix flowers as heart, every appointment you people know where to find old memories

the absorbent Oh escape should learn all gone, wished each other need moments cores by

tomorrow after school I did not exit, trade together many posts about tissue

old memories dissolve into nothingness, portable four eyes often need sorrow

last minute farewell sadly miss each other, life is never forever

love and it had each other, to remember countless days

only slightly from this far in life, still monthly sad day away

withered smile on his lips, every time see where it to find a copy through a friend phoenix it alone

this sadness had silenced, then there is the heart-rending sadness

special people turn you remember each, phoenix flower outside shed falling to pieces

echo revive our life, even stop remembering nostalgic days away