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Dear Rob Papen: Please consider resizing RP-Verb

Please consider resizing RP-Verb. This is an amazing effect unit that could fit more efficiently in the Reason rack...and on our laptop screens =) Perhaps the same can be done with RP-Distort. I think even the VSTs could benefit from this resizing. I have put together an image displaying the RP-Verb as a 5U (instead of the current 9U).
  • This is a 5U size.
  • The text and diodes/buttons are the original size.
  • The knobs are 80% the original size.
  • This maintains the exact same layout as the VST (with the exception of the "space type" and "colour" separate screens).

And here is a side-by-side comparison:
Original 9U on the left and proposed 5U on the right (with Polar pictured for size reference).

Thank you for your consideration =)

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