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I did not mention it in the video, but all songs started out as demo in Reason and stayed there, although they went from 5 to Record to 6 to 6.5
I'd also like to stress that I could not have pulled it of without the SSL, that board is really the best thing in Reason!

I used a couple of hardware synths, a few iPad synths and some freebee VSTi's but 90% is Reason synths. I did all the mixing in Reason, nothing else. Just raw tracks imported and went to town with all Reason has. For this album I purchased a few RE that I really needed to get this sound. Most important is the Softube FET, I used it on the Bass bus, Drum Bus and on Vocals. I also bought Antidote and Polysix but mostly used for layering with the Reason synths and samplers.

Drums is different, as the video shows we sampled lots of percussive sound but the core of the sound is Addictive Drums (snare, hihat, overheads, toms and room). The main kick however is 100% Reason. I used four kick tracks and layered them, for the fast parts three of them play together, a clicky top kick, a body kick and a short low kick, For the slower parts I layer a lower somewhat longer kick with it. The sound of the kick is a combination of older drummachine samples and, very important, the 'Physical Bass Drum' from Kong. I really like that module for metal kicks.
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