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Guitar Amp a thing of the past?

With the Line6 virtual amps in Reason 6 and beyond, does this effectively mean that I can get rid of my real-world guitar amplifier? While what I own is powerful enough to perform a small gig, its only a solid state amp with no real warmth nor any fantastic onboard effects. For home use, its really always annoyed me because I can't keep the volume down low enough for domestic situations, and often like to play very late at night. Honestly, I'm not a young guy anymore, so ear shattering volume isnt what I am seeking anymore (although my distortion is often set to 11!).

And with Reason's infinite device routing capabilities as a purely electronic platform, can I assume that this carries over to the guitar, as in could I build a combinator for my guitar signal and play some strange and unusual unique tones that would be otherwise impossible with real amps and pedals.