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Question Am I missing something about VST's?

Ok before I start getting flamed about VST's and Reason, I'm not asking how/why there aren't any VST's in Reason, there are plenty of threads about that.

My thing is that I wanted to use Sylenth1 to create my sounds, but wanted to use Reason since I'm most familiar with it. Since some people want to use a VST synth (ie: sylenth), but can't use it in Reason, there are people saying to use other complicated ways to get a sound from a different program into Reason, but why not just create the synth you want in the program it is originally in (ie: ableton), save and export one note that lasts 2 seconds and import that sound into the NNXT sample in reason? I haven't tried this yet, because I'm still learning how to use Ableton.

Is there something that I'm missing about doing it this way? I was just thinking this and it seems like it would be the easiest approach to getting sounds of VST synths into Reason.

Is it because the way a sampler works that playing higher / lower notes isn't the same as playing it through the actually synth vs a sample?

The only downside I can think of is that if you wanted to modify the synth, you'd have to go back into (insert other DAW here) and export it and sample it in Reason. Or am I missing something here??