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Midi Editing

Only been using Reason 6.5 a few months, and there's 4 midi editing annoyances I have noticed already. Firstly, no splicing within the midi editor. Why? woulda thought this would've been sorted yonks ago. Also, not being able to shorten a note from the beginning of a note, or from the left hand side of it (say if it starts too early). Then you can't mute idividual notes or highlighted sections of notes with the mute tool, which would be handy for piano parts when you're tryna sort out the chord notes further up and then tryna sort out the bass note/s down the bottom, 'cause it helps in these instances when you can listen individually to each bass and non bass section. Finally, if you have a chord of 3 or 4 notes above and/or below each other and each note has varying lengths, but you want them all the same, say, if you highlight them, and type in the desired length in the note length box at the top, only the bottom note changes to the new desired length. Unless however, they are all the same length exactly, then they will all change. Irritating and surely very easily fixed things. Would have thought these would have been ironed out several versions back. Let me know what you think, and if you've noticed any other things that you wish you could do within the midi editing.

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