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RE Developers: Reverse Reverb RE?

Maybe it's possible with something else now and I'm missing out...?

What I'm talking about is adding a reverse reverb prior to the audio or mix channel. Right now, the only way I know of doing this involves several steps and resampling.

Of course, a RE that could do this would have some latency for processing and additionally, would cause the track to be off by the length of the effect you choose (1/2 bar, 1 bar, etc). But that could be remedied by dragging your audio or midi channel to the left in the sequencer (ahead of the other tracks).

I use these types of effects mostly for sound design, so timing isn't an issue for me. it's more so the time it takes to create this effect several times.

Would a RE that does this be possible? Is there another easy way I'm missing out on?

Thanks =)