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Unhappy Please help the noob! Audio interface nightmare!

Hello! I am completely new to home recording, and have tried to learn how to do this stuff by myself, but I have reached an impass early on.

I got a Tascam US-122 MKII external soundcard. I'm fairly certain I installed and set it up right, and disabled the laptop's onboard mic/speakers, making the soundcard the default in/out audio.

I've just installed and set up Record 1.5, and also told it to make the Tascam the In/Out source.

Problem is, no matter what I do, I'm not getting any monitoring sound from Record. If I plug 'phones into the front of the Tascam, I can hear the guitar that's plugged in, clean. I don't have big powered monitoring speakers, I just tried a pair of basic stereo ones for a PC (to see if that worked), and still nothing. I tried re-enabling the onboard speakers, and still not a thing!

There's FX in the rack, it's patched up right, but I'm not getting anything coming through it.

Can anyone offer me some advice on why this isn't working out? Is it the soundcard, the fact that I'm not using monitoring speakers, or that I haven;t set up Record/ the soundcard properly?

A thousand thankyous!