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Question Reason 6.5->7.0, hexacore advantage?

Hi good folks,

I'm curious to know how many of you guys are boasting a hexacore cpu in your production setup. It seems like the are the way to go, along with SSD:s for good search response. I'm not very happy with my i7 quadcore mobile platform being old news a year after purchase, but I guess it's just the sign of the times. It's obvious that more computing power is now essential to utilize and customize the RE toys in the way they should. So, thinking of crossgrading over to a desktop again, as my i7 2600M(obile) chip isn't cutting the cookie anymore. Lot's of RE, routing and automation makes it choke and seriously man; I'm haunted by the "Computer Too Slow To Play Song" popup.

So hexacore then: does it work well for you? Does it function as you thought, in terms of cpu cycles being distributed equally across all 6 physical cores when taking a beating inside Reason? And most important of all: was the cpu worth the money (for Reason purposes)?

Share your thoughts, we all want to know.