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Okay, so I gave it a go to try out this method by creating the synth sound I want in Sylenth1 in Ableton Live. I then exported out each note from C0 up to C6 and sampled them inside Reason's NNXT and set each note to their corresponding keys. All of this worked with no problem.

I have one problem though (figured I would run into something) when sampling these notes. If I play let's say, a C chord every 1/8th note on my midi keyboard, it sounds fine and as if it were playing from the actual synthesizer. However, if I mark these notes down in the sequencer and play it, it sounds like it's being "restarted" every time it plays the notes again. An example of what I mean is, like when your computer locks up while playing a song, and it keeps repeating that same portion of the song.

I exported the problem that I am talking about:

Now, the more I think about it, I think to myself, this is technically how it should work because I am just re-triggering those sound clips. But if I play those same notes at the same rate on my midi keyboard, it doesn't have that same repeating effect that I hear when it's in the sequencer (then my head explodes), and sounds more like as if it were coming from the original synthesizer (or more "fluid").

I've tried putting the release on max in the NNXT which didn't fix it, I tried both NOT rendering the sound sample as a loop and rendering as loop when exporting from Ableton Live, both of which did not solve the problem.

It's difficult to really explain what something sounds like, but I hope it was clear enough to be understood. Is there something that I can do to solve this problem or is it just a limitation of sampling a sound vs creating that sound in a synthesizer in the same program? I was hoping there would be a way in which I can still use Reason for the sequencing / note arrangements for my VST sound.

Ok so after some cool off time, I gave it some thought after seeing the waveforms on soundcloud, I noticed the straight-up-instant walls on each note, which is probably causing that frozen effect. I quantized the notes a bit and it did somewhat help the sound.

With Quantizing:

Some notes, as you can see in the waveforms, still have that instawall, but for the most part, it's been improved. You can hear a real comparison if you listen all the way through on the link with the quantizing until the next loop comes on, which is the one without quantization.

I'm guessing it's because of the nature of an actual synthesizer vs a sampler of when it generates a sound? (a synth having to generate a sound vs a captured sound being scheduled to play). Generating a sound from a synth isn't always identical? I have no idea, just thinking of reasons here. But it could explain why it sounds fine when I play the same pattern on a midi keyboard (because I'm not perfect at pressing the notes all the exact same time)

Any insight / thought on this?

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