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Originally Posted by JJeanluc View Post
Are you connected via USB or via MIDI? I'm connected via USB. Could it be the problem?
Maybe there's something wrong with my settings on the keyboard, or i have accidentally set something in the wrong way. Is there a way to do a Factory Reset?

I'm connected USB. I just followed all the steps again, just to make sure I didn't mis-state anything and my keyboard worked flawlessly. It must be some setting of yours.

This may sound like a dumb question, but you do have your keyboard NOT in Automap mode, correct? The Red Automap button at the top middle of your keyboard should be OFF when attempting what I told you. Otherwise it won't work, thinking its waiting on the Automap host. Another dumb question, when you are in Remote Override Edit Mode and you select the device in which you want to control a particular parameter, are you double clicking the blue down arrow? You should then see a spinning yellow lightning bolt. Then its time to move the knob or fader on your keyboard to map it. It should work seamlessly. If not, I would say it is most definitely a setting on your keyboard or something. And yes, I do believe there is a way to Factory reset the keyboard. I'd go to their website and check out the handbook. You can download the .pdf from there
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