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Originally Posted by Egoadsr View Post
I'm very frustrated with Reason browser, everytime i want to load a preset, i'm near to stop the program...

I've made some time measure :

When i click on the "load" button of the Kong's NN-nano sampler... it took 33 seconds to open...

When opening a folder with 40 samples inside = 21 seconds.

When opening a folder with 481 samples inside = 1m58s !!!

Everytime, i click on a folder, minimize it, it take time, and the windows cursor change to the sandglass, everytime...

It's really strange, i use the 32 bit version on a 64 bit system ( bcause Reaper don't support Rewire 64 for now ), my hd is a 5400rpm with an intel T4500 cpu, 4gb ram.

Does this issue is normal ?

Really, it's a nightmare to browse my PC with Reason browser

fuck*ng hell...

that's exactly the problem!