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Reason 7 Midi Out question

I see a lot of people talking on the forums about triggering the VSTs from Live (or other DAWs) using Reason when 7 gets out.

I still don't understand this, or maybe they misunderstood the R7 announcement.

Ok, so R7 brings Midi Out, which means that I can hook up a Waldorf Blofeld for example, and I can bring back the output of that to one of my audio interface's channel into Reason, so far so good.

But the question is: how will you trigger Ableton's hosted VSTs? I can think of 2 ways:

1. using 2 interfaces, one which will output the MIDI from Reason, while the other receives it and monitors in Ableton
2. using a virtual midi port -- however I don't know any 64-bit compatible ones; also, a lot of people agree that they have horrible latency problems

So... what's another method? Or did people misunderstand that Midi Out is not the same as Reason as ReWire Master?