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Feedback inside Thor.

I'm having fun trying to recreate some patches from different synths inside Thor. And I'm sure that lot's of you guys tried U-he synths.
In Diva there is a rotary named Feedback. Here is what manual says about it:
The FEEDBACK knob controls the amount of signal taken from after the main filter and fed back into the mixer – like Jan Hammer’s trick of connecting the extra output on his MinimoogTM back into the audio input. Relatively low values of feedback cause a subtle bass boost, higher values can create subharmonics or even wild howling noises. Note that a natural side-effect of higher feedback is less obvious filter resonance, so you may have to compensate for this.
Is there any way to recreate same effect in Thor? I've tried this:
Source(Shaper) Amount(100) Dest(Filter 1 Audio Input)
But it sounds completely different.