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Best frequency-specific hearing protection?

I brought up a recent hearing issue I've developed in another thread ( and now I'm looking to do something about it.

I'd like to find some hearing protection that I can wear mostly around the house or when I know I'm going to be a setting with a lot of these particular frequencies happening suddenly. But I don't want to lose general speech, conversation, music, etc. I don't need protection from deafening sound levels in clubs or concerts, I just need to not grit my teeth in pain every time I hear a couple of plates touch each other, etc.

It seems that the worst culprits are likely in the 1 to 3.5kHz range, so that's where I'd like to try and get some protection.

Is there any particular brand or style of earplugs that anyone can suggest? I've been looking over all the ones available at Amazon and there are many with excellent reviews, but none of them ever mention the frequency ranges that they cover. I suspect that most are trying to be "flat" and reduce all frequencies a certain amount, but I really don't want that.

Thanks for any advice!
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