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Sorry I didn't see your message, and sorry I don't have the time/energy to walk you step-by-step through all of this, luckily the info is on the JACK website. It would be easy to miss though, I ended up piecing together how to do it through much research, trial, and error and only seen the documentation when I was searching for someone who had already done the work so...

Just skip all the blah blah at the top and go directly to "Installation and Configuration". Follow it and you should be good to go, just remember to put your ASIO device name into the target link of the jack audio connection. Also after you start the connection you will have to configure the audio drivers on all the software you want to connect to use the jackrouter, THEN open up Jack control program and do all the connection nonsense. Maybe it says that in there somewhere, but there is something about this program and the documentation that just makes people like me want to beat myself about the head and chest.

Anyway, that should work for you.