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hello, @Jazon:

thanks for responding, i know it was asking a lot for a tutorial

Well it doesn't hurt to ask, I am just lazy. lol

can you answer me one more thing:

1.) is JACK good? is it stable, without dropouts, etc.?

For me, it is surprisingly fine. It doesn't seem like a whole lot of people use it so I don't have any other opinion about it. I first started using it a few (maybe less, memory is bad) years ago and between all the trouble trying to set it up and understand what was going on I think I found another way to do what I was trying. Since getting back into it the past few months it has only crashed my system once and I think that is because I tried closing JACK while things were still playing. No drop-outs, as low latency as rewire (from my perspective, not scientifically measured).

2.) and also, is it loud enough?

This seemed like a strange question until your comment about VAC, but there is no noticeable degradation of audio. It sounds the same with or without it. It is possible with certain things to create a positive feedback loop where you will have more loudness than you could ever want, but generally if you stay away from feeding an output of one thing into an input of another that goes back into the input of the first thing you will be fine.

3.) and is it in stereo? can you pan the sounds that come through it?

Again, it is just like rewire and as much stereo as anything if you configure it that way.

Virtual Audio Cable seems to be 10db too low
and all of the audio seems to be 'left channel' oriented to where i can't pan
and then it drops out and gets me mad

I gave up on VAC after about 20 minutes, although JACK is seemingly more complicated it works tremendously better.

so if you can provide me with a quick vote of confidence for JACK
i'll start messing with it tonight

Here is my vote of confidence, and it is free so all you have to lose is time and sleep.

cheers and happy reasoning, j

And to you as well sir/madame!