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Fucking ignition key ......

ok so i brought reason about 2 motnhs ago
FIRST i cant get this fucking ignition key to work
so after a week i was like fuck it i just use the online login thing its all good aslong as i can make beats

so last night i was making music when the power in my house crashed it was verry late so i went to bed
when i got up this morning and wanted to start reason i got an error

Ignition Key driver could not be started
Could not start ignition key driver....?????
what rhe fuckk...
i just cant get it to work i reinstalled reason and still the same fucking error

could it be that the suddenly power crash in my house changed someting ?

ive now reached a point that im about to reinstal windows 7
since i have a recording session in about 3 hours with some artists
wich i have to cancel if i cant get reason to work

i tried to remove the piece of shit program called codemeter but for some reason it doesnt show up in my software list

im lost now i realy hope someone can help me out with this

if you need anymore info please ask!

and sorry for my bad english its not my main language