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one thing that made windows...starting with XP forward... that you could accomplish the same things via different ways.

I think this attitude is what helped them gain market share and fend off apple during THOSE years.

props could take that same philosophy...they sortof already do with RE's...example (i can buy 4 different types of compressors that TECHnically all do the same thing right? with variations on the theme ...but i digress)

adding the regroove into the rack for example, as an RE, might server it better since people can understand the workflow of it better that way since EVERY OTHER tool we use is used in the rack...why make regroove the stepchild? I've NEVER used it to this day, because I never think of it while i'm adding devices into the rack.../shrug.

you can also add in other "long lost" tools as re's/rack devices that people used to use also. give everyone the option of workflow they want to's already being practiced in principle really.