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Originally Posted by KarmaShaman View Post
Hi all

why are there a left and right inputs on some domestic audio interfaces? i can understand that for mics you may want several but i can only play one guitar at a time!

next question. is the limit of two recording tracks a limitation of Reason or of the hardware (balance. also lexicon lambda)

and. if i record two condensor mucs is that my two tracks or a l/r of a single track?

im wanting to move away from purely digital music and start capturing real instruments, of whuch we have many, and theres a lot to learn. mic placement i suppose ill work out specific to the room. but if anyone has some experience in recording flute and violin please share your experiences.

Left & right inputs allow you to record in stereo (e.g. two microphones capturing a stereo image), or to record two separate tracks (e.g. one guitar and one vocal track at the same time). But you can of course choose to record from a single input only (a mono track).

Reason will record as many audio tracks (at the same time) as there are separate audio inputs. So if you have an audio interface with 16 inputs, you can record 16 audio tracks at the same time.

When you record with two microphones, you can choose whether to record a single stereo track or two mono tracks. Check the little popup menu (arrow button) in the track list for audio tracks - this is where you select the audio input for a track, and whether it should be stereo or mono.

Hope this was helpful! No experience in recording flute or violin though.

/ LudvigC (product manager)