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Originally Posted by 3rdFloorSound View Post
Maybe it's something in the way I work, or that I rarely use presets without tweaking, but I've never heard this "reason sound" thing. Especially don't get it now that you can sample/record audio.
I do suspect though that when people talk about the "reason sound" it's because they're sticking with presets, not layering instruments or tracks, and not doing a heck of a lot of eq-ing.
I think that can be said for any software. I reckon one of the coolest things about Reason is that I can create my own instruments in the Combinator, and it opened up a whole range of possibilities for custom sounds, such as strange bass with nylon guitar, some synth bass, some cello, all mixed with different levels of delay, arpeggiator and other customised bits through the 6ch mixer. Even having one track of notes sounding like several instruments, always perfectly in sync because they are, well, only one instrument ! Not very technical for the seasoned propheads, but worth a mention maybe for the OP. WIth this approach (ie Combinator to create your own instruments) you will NEVER end up with the same sound twice, if youre clever about it.)

Am I missing something... isn;t that what refills are anyway, just customised combinator patches? If so, I dont understand why people pay for them !