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Thanks all for listening! Dave909 and John, in this track unlike many of my others, I chose to use just a simple minimal hip-hop beat and my solo (layered) synth. I did this in order to kind of create a wrestling match between myself and the beat to see what I could do, how I could shape the music around the flow of the rhythm. I kept the rhythm constant and learned much while playing, or wrestling my own solo instrument around it while creating many melodies in the process. I do not regret neither the lengthy time it took, nor the outcome of it without extra accompaniments. The more I play, day by day, the more I feel like I am in the process of creating new melodies to my ears. This process is funny sometimes since I must take risks for my audience which sometimes they dislike. I learn so much though about the inside of the music. The music for me, like this song as it is, documents how I learn as I play. I feel that I am not in any end-time of music, and so there will be much time, as there has been already that I have taken in other songs, see where it leads me and to create new pieces. I love music and playing music so much, and it is a blessing when I can find new melodies all of the time. The title of my track is weird, however I know that it is true.
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