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Angry Reason 6.5 using Mbox 2 Interface and Mic MXL 990

Ok so I have my Mbox 2 Connected VIA usb to my pc, and Both my Studio Monitors connected to my Mbox2. I get play back sound using Reason and my Regular PC audio. Now I am trying to use my MXL 990 Cond Mic to record Vocal and etc. The mic is connected to input ONE at the back of the Mbox2. In Reason, I see the Mbox2 In and In2 as selections. But when i push record or speak on the mic theres no signal back. I moved the volume nob on the Input one where the mic is connected, I see the meter move to indicate the volume is to high. My 48V is already push and showing red light. Still not receiving any Vocal from the mic into my reason. any suggestion would be awesome.....