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some serious tutorials about recording audio and midi in Reason7 please ! ((solved))

SOLVED : cannot be more clear 2 me !!!

I think that there is many cool tutorials on almost everything but for exemple I keep forgeting on how to set a mic with reason and how to set a track for a mic recording , same for synth I tryed twice to make a track with it but it's hard to remember how to make it !

there is not many simple and clear step by step tutorials on this that non-English native speakers can anderstand in one or two vision
so if any of you guys is familiar with recording videos and those two points (recording a synth track / recording a mic track ) and if you know how to speak like a teacher of a international university you may whant to make a tutorial on those for reason 7 so other users like myself that need to re-check everytime because I dont use this or that for a long time can have a good mental print insted of learning and forgeting everytime

cheers in advence

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