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Originally Posted by KarmaShaman View Post
I read that JB is no longer with Props, as of December 2012

The videos from Mattias are pretty good, we should sign a petition for him to do a '52 Reasons' for R7 !

I know but still JB is around working somewhere on RE's and other stuff I guess ,

and I find Mattias very good but maybe he got other stuff to do (working) then doing a 52 week thing ?!?!
anyway I think Mattias is good for medium and hight level users like James Bernard but one or the other it would be cool to have tutorials that explain the very basic first and then the rest in the same video because there is not many peoples doing tutos for all range users and those are priceless and for general users levels wich is best because a new user can get the basic to make reason work like in the tuto easy and fast and six month later learening more advence stuff watching the same tutorial .

anyway I would like to see how mattias set external midi controls up with reason fx and RE's etc..
I love the few vids he did with the midifighters 3d but a tuto on how to set up the machine and the software would be grêat when watching those type of vids

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