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Support for upbeat in blocks

Blocks in the sequencer are very nice for organizing different parts of a song. To me, however, the blocks would be so much more useful if they supported upbeats. Let's say i have a song starting with four bars intro, eight bars verse, eight bars chorus etc. Often the verse as well as the chorus will start with an upbeat of something like three eights *before* the first bar of the verse of chorus.

When arranging the blocks in song mode, I would like to be able to move arround the blocks without the "semibar" upbeat pushing away the sound of other blocks - i.e. the upbeat of a block should move around with the block when you move the block, but it should not take up any space on its own, it should just be layered on the other tracks where it ends up.

This functionality could be presented to the user as the block having a "begin marker" (as a complement to the end marker) - the begin marker marks the start of the first bar of the block and everything that appears before the begin marker is the "non mutual exclusive" upbeat of the block.

Forgive me if I don't express myself very clearly, but I find this idea valuable enough to make an attempt at presenting it... Is there *anyone* that get what I mean? ;-)