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Originally Posted by jerryrentzke View Post
This is the fix:
New iMac with 10.7.4.
Drag the Reason Adapted folder into Applications.
Go to Applications/Utilities, open Terminal.
In Terminal, type:
sudo su
and press enter.
You will be asked for your password. You enter your admin pw (the pw you use to log into your admin account, which is usually your main account).
Nothing will show while you type your password. Press enter after entering the pw.
This will give you super user privileges.
In Terminal your command prompt should now end with a # instead of a $
Leave that terminal window open, and go to the Reason Adapted folder.
Right click on the Reason Adapted app, and choose 'show package contents'.
Navigate to: Contents/MacOS.
In that folder, drag the Reason binary to the terminal window you left open.
This will insert the path to the binary in terminal.
Now press enter and this will run Reason Adapted from the terminal.
Go through the process of authorizing, etc.
After Reason Apapted is up & running, you can quit it and now run it normally by just double clicking on the icon.
You can now also quit Terminal.
This solves the 'Access Denied' problem when installing the first time.
My guess is that this is due to the more strict policies Apple implemented from 10.7 on.
Excellent, worked great, thanks!