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Originally Posted by BilC View Post
Something I've noticed a lot more of is how many pensioners are getting pc-wise. There is one very simple explanation for this: keeping minds active.

Near where I live there's a wonderful lady well into her 80's, enjoying everything. She's found it fun as well as a challenge to get into learning how to use a pc. Now she wants to get back playing piano. She's heard you can get 'odd-jobbies' (her lingo) that work just as good for what she'd like.
Reason would be something she'd like now she's tried it.

You have educational deals, so, the question is, can that extend to include pensioners?

It's just a thought and it'd do a lot of good too.
After being on the market for 13 years without it, I wouldn't hold my breath for a "senior discount", however; your neighbor may be best suited to picking up a Reason Essentials license on the cheap to get her started.
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