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Lightbulb Polyphonic CV for the age of RE

As eXode wrote back in 2010:

Originally Posted by eXode View Post
Just like the title suggests, I'd like to see polyphonic CV support in Record and Reason. A lot of applications support this already such as Arturias Moog Modular V, ARP2600 V and u-he ACE to name a few. The user should be able to choose obviously if the outputted CV signal is poly or mono. Well actually this is just one of many different solutions to polyphonic modular style routing that I'd love to see in Record and Reason.

This was back in the Record era, but today, in the era of Rack Extensions, I think it's more important than ever. We have a blossoming selection of modular audio and CV tools in the shop that make it possible to wire up incredibly complex monosynths. Yet such complex poly synths are still mostly out of reach.

There are some tools, like Distributor, that technically allow you to create a fully modular polyphonic synth using monophonic CV, but let's not beat around the bush – it's inefficient in the extreme to have to tweak every single knob eight times as you adjust all the voices.

Of course, polyphonic CV would require a pretty major update to any devices that were to support it. But can you imagine Jiggery-Pokery's Charlotte with a poly gate in and poly curve out, hooked up to a synth with a poly curve in? Or Ochen K's A-series where everything is polyphonic? Maybe that would have to wait for the B-series, but you get the idea.