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Originally Posted by Nazlive View Post
Nice job! Is that a Thor with the wobbles and growls? Still on the list, learning how to make this sounds. But first finish some songs, and totally master the Subtractor.
Yeah, the growl/wobble is made using Thor. I used 5 thors (1 modulator 4 operators) and then ran 2 parallel's of it as well. The other FM bass is Thor (6 this time) done in a similar way with I think 2 parallel too.

The lead during the intro is factory combinators. A factory dulcimer with 2 parallel's, factory VOX, and factory strings. Then had a Thor pad I made behind it with a factory string I edited behind it to beef up the pad.

Oh sub-bass is Thor as well. I use Thor for everything these days. Any non factory preset synths I made using thors I think.