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Originally Posted by rankine15 View Post
Your having trouble writing a melody. It sounds like you want key E.

I would turn on the Matrix after designing a voice and build a mode.

Make all the notes E or F and THEN start writing a melody.

If you listen starting on C, all your melodies will sound the same.

Good effects,

Build this

1) Thor Bass
2) Matrix
3) MClass Mastering Suite - Equalize Maximum Lows
4) Choice of Scream4distortion.

That will get you the bass you want.

Use the bass to write a melody and then try to harmonize with the drums. If your smart, plan notes so that they BUILD chords when they overlap.

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LOL How do you think the sub notes were generated my friend? They're just not on key yet. I just have the semi tuned too high trying to adjust frequency to get these headphones to bump, no it not where I want it but thats why its a 40 minute work in project as the description says. Hell I havent even added compression. Just asking to listen. Thanks Boss. ;-)