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I am producing one band now. All recordings done without any effects and I using only reason to get right guitar sound (or any other parts of the song). I do not see what you are you missing. There is enough FX even without RE`s to emulate stuff you want. All trick is not to use too many FX. With old reverb u even can emulate some cabins or metal spaces, with thor can invert phase for creating some other stuff.
How do you people things guitar effects there build? It is all same simple stuff reason already has. All you need it just to combine in right order and right settings. And I do not talking about tons of screamers or pulverisers. Very similar techniques are used for creating good d&b basses - usually you wont find any good default bass for that and you need to create your own. Most of novice users just stacking tons of FX one after another even without understanding what it does. There is even difference where you going to put your filter/eq - before compressor or distortion or after. Sometimes it is even enough to overcompress to get right guitar sound. Thor and malstrom has own FXs and I bet u even did not tryed to use them to achieve what you want.
By the way with tweaking and tweaking guitar sound guitarist forgets, that not only guitar is important in song and probably little tweaking even wont be heard by ordinary user.
My point is less is more, because when you are limited just to what you have you are forced to learn more and that way to reach programs limits. In some ways plugin systems sometimes stinks because users just getting new plugins and even won think about learning to use it at least 60% of it possibilities.
You think Frank Zappa or Steve Vai was crying for new pedals? They just was using what they have and building new ones with other people help.They had in mind what exactly they want from sound. In reason you can build our own, just need to understand basics and principals behind how stuff works.
You even do not know what cind of guitar FX you want.
By the way it does not matter FX is for guitar or for something else - it is virtual and you can plug it anywhere. That what keyboard players use to do with guitar pedals in old days.
So again learn and dig in! ;]