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Originally Posted by jhenshaw4 View Post
Isn't this already a feature? I know you can choose whether or not to save all the samples used in the project with the file or not...
Yes if I'm correct in guessing what you're talking about, you mean 'Self contain settings' which means that you don't have to go searching for your audio wav file samples when you reopen that song file or send it to someone else.
I'm talking about being able to save just the song files 'without' the audio files. To keep the midi and song data in fact. The problem lies mostly in having massive files thanks to the audio wav clips in the song files. If you look around these forums you will see many talking about this problem of having song files that can be upto 5 GB in size for big projects.

Here is a post from Selig in the thread that urged me to write this one:


There's been plenty of features suggestions for this since Record was introduced, but the more the merrier!?! ;-)

In addition to exporting the song data minus the audio data, I also want the ability to switch between different "versions" of a song file without closing/opening/loading all the audio files, so you can keep multiple mix versions in the same song file and switch relatively quickly between them.

And of course for collaborations to actually work, you need to be able to do something with that .rns file your collaborator just sent you or it's all worthless! To that end we need to be able to import just the song data (or just parts of the song data) into our existing song files to make the collaboration process complete. :-)